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Hey girl, hey!

You’re probably here because you’re over it, sis!
Tired of playing small, feeling limited or stagnant, and ready to experience a life that you deserve. You’re in the right place! I teach women like you how to get beyond their limited identity and find the courage and inspiration to manifest the life of their dreams!

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I’m a writer, lover of beauty + fashion, and publicist by trade. After obtaining a Master’s degree in PR and working the field for several years, I had an epiphany: What if we treated our lives like we treat our brands? You know? Manage them so that we can create favorable outcomes.
That’s when Life-Brand Management™ was born.

Now my mission is to help women like you manifest a life of alignment, purpose, improved health, authenticy, and passion. You are a powerful creator! Why not create with more intention and understanding so that you can LOVE the life you live?


that you’re ready to change your life for the better.


that you can truly have the life you desire.


to the changes needed to make your dreams a reality.

meet Your Mentor

I’m Brittnay, hey!

Stuck in a job that I hated and far from a life I loved, I quit my job in 2016 without a plan in sight. I ended up unemployed and broke for six long months and I was borderline depressed and in need of a lifeline. Having practiced the law of attraction and several spiritual and personal development techniques for years, I began to  journal and create vision boards to put my life on a path that I could be proud of. With clearer intentions for my future and a trusted routine, my life began to shift in massive ways.

In 2017, I published my first book, I Want It All: A Vision Book Journal For Manifesting Dreams, to encourage others to do just that! Today, I’m a contributing writer for, owner of an impactful online business, a more conscious and intentional creator, and living my purpose all because I chose to manifest my dreams.

If you’re ready to create the life that you desire, I’d love to help!

Since there’s a possibility we may work together, I’d like to share some fun facts about me:

  • Creator of My Vision Book Journal™ and the Intentional Creation Course™
  • M.A. in Public Relations and B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and Economics
  • Best childhood memories were growing up in my mother’s hair salon
  • I love to encourage others and remind them of their own personal power
  • I’m a Beyhiver (duh!) who listens to Ella Fitzgerald and trap music equally
  • I believe that we are powerful beyond measure and can do the impossible

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